Nova Welding Industries is a US based company with global distribution and manufacturing.

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Q:  Is this company based in America?

A:   Yes, we are based in the United States.


Q: Where is your product made?

A: Our product is mostly made overseas with product design and development being based in the US.  Parts can be made anywhere from China to Japan…but there are some cases where they may be made elsewhere.


Q:  Are your TIG torches interchangeable with other brands of torches?

A:  Yes…and No.  All our TIG torches consumables are interchangeable with similar brand torches with the same  or similar series designation.  i.e. NWI RF 26 torch consumables will fit any other brand with a “26” in the series name.   This is pretty much without exception as far as we know.  As far as cables and power connectors go, we offer compatible cables for our connectors and our connectors are designed to fit standard DINSE type connectors used by current brands like Miller, Lincoln, and ESAB/Thermal Arc, whether solid or gas through styles (please order correct connector for your unit).  However, some brands do use different threads to make their connections.  In these cases, we can say that yes, we do interchange readily with many brands, but there are torch brands out there that tend to offer, for whatever reason, a different type of thread or cable connection option.  Let us know what you have and we will do our best to let you know if it will fit.  We do offerTIG  torches to fit all major current brands


Q:  Do you offer TWECO style connectors?

A:  Sorry, but we do not currently offer a TWECO connector option.  But our torches may fit some TWECO style connectors.  We mainly offer DINSE type connectors which are used by nearly every major manufacturer (and most minor ones too) in current models.  If you have a newer model with TWECO, it is likely a special order, or an aftermarket refit.  With that said, stay tuned. 


Q:  How fast do you ship?

A:  As fast as we practically can.  No later than 48 hours unless we are out of stock.


Q:  Can I buy your brand locally?

A:  Maybe.  Although our dealer base is still small, we welcome any willing and capable dealer to our fold.  Just tell them you want a NOVA and you want to buy it from them.


Q:  I have another brand of welder like Everlast or Razor Weld.  Will my torches fit? 

A:  Absolutely, just let us know what unit you have if you cannot figure out which connector you have and we’ll make sure you get the right connector.


Q:  Help! I’ve made a mess of my order and ordered the wrong item.  What can I do?

A:  Hopefully this won’t happen, but if it does, call us immediately so we can cancel or reset your order.  If you ordered it wrong, and figure it out too late, call us and let us know right away.  We’ll do what we can but you may have to pay shipping to return it.  


Q:  Will your foot pedal fit my welder?

A:  We offer a foot pedal type and style for most current and popular models.  Some older models may still use the same configuration as current models of the same brand.  If you are in doubt, just call us or fill out the “contact us” form and we’ll try to help you sort it out if possible.


Q:  What happens if I order your product and don’t need it?

A:  You can return most any item (at your expense) for a partial refund if it is unused and unopened within 30 days of purchase.  There will be a restock fee charged equal to 20% of the purchase price.


Q: Do you offer sales or special promotions?  I may want to wait to order until one happens.

A: Yes we do, but don’t count on it.  Our sales tend to be random and unannounced.  And during our sales, we often run out of stock, so a bird in the hand…


Q: My product just broke.  What do I do?

A: Are you the original purchaser/owner?  Do you have your receipt?  If you do and it is still under warranty, give us a call or use the contact us form to tell us about your problem!  We’ll be glad to honor the warranty.  But keep in mind, warranties don’t transfer, and they do run out when the period is over.   If you don’t use it and a hole develops in your line and it sits for a year before you notice it,  we still have to go by the time you bought it, no matter the amount of use or care it has received.  In most cases, if you buy direct, we may have a copy of your sale.  However, always keep a receipt, especially if you bought it from a licensed dealer or distributor.  This is the only way to keep up with your warranty date of service.   

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