Nova Welding Industries is a US based company with global distribution and manufacturing.

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NOTE:  By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to the following terms:

The Nova Welding Industries’ Blue Shield Warranty warrants all  torches, power cables, and power connectors to be free of defects and in workmanship and failure for a period of one year after purchase to the original retail purchaser. Nova Welding Industries also warrants to the original retail purchaser foot pedals, amp control sliders, welding tables, and welding table accessories to be free of defects and workmanship and failure for a period of two years after purchase.  It does not cover time loss, damages, or injuries related to use or failure of the product.   Any failure of a NOVA Welding Industries Product still under warranty should be reported within 10 business days, excluding recognized government holidays.    Consumables, torch accessories, and personal protection equipment sold by NOVA Welding Industries and not specifically listed above are only warrantied against initial defects in workmanship at time of receipt only. In case of an issue with quality or defects in these items observed upon receipt of these items, NOVA Welding Industries should be notified within 2 business days for specific remedy.  Any other items not specifically listed under this warranty, including items subject to rapid wear or breakage is not covered under any warranty.   NOVA Welding Industries reserves the right to replace, repair, or refund as a remedy for any warranty claim on any warrantable item.  The original retail purchaser is responsible for shipping charges incurred to satisfy the warranty terms after the first 90 days of ownership.  During the first 90 days of ownership by the original retail purchaser, should any defect or failure arise from defect in workmanship arise, NOVA welding industries will pay shipping of the product to and from the original retail purchaser as needed.   Any retail purchaser outside of the continental 48 contiguous United States, shall be responsible for all shipping concerning and relating to the remedy of the warranty. This warranty does not cover hidden or obvious abuse, misuse, burn through, neglect or any other type damage that is not related to normal and intended use of any NOVA Welding Industries Product. Overheating or running beyond the duty cycle specified for any torch or without proper coolant (for water-cooled torches) will void this warranty.  This warranty extends only to original retail customers purchasing direct from NOVA or an authorized NOVA dealer or distributor.  Salvaged, returned, or open box items from discount dealers or similar wholesale sources do not qualify for warranty.  Any failure of an NOVA Welding Industries Product other than consumables and torch accessories should be reported within 10 business days, excluding holidays.   To initiate a warranty claim, the original purchaser should contact Nova Welding Industries at the toll-free number listed above, or use the “contact us” form available on this site.  If using the “contact us” feature, be sure to give us all details about your original purchase and product you have needing warranty.  This will help us expedite your service.


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